DDT call for papers and other contributions

The DDT conference will host academic and professional futurists from the global North and South as well as artists and designers, professionals from development (cooperation), (public) policy, business (management) and civil society. DDT sets the scene for connecting images of the futures, futures orientations and experiences from these different fields of practice.

Open Time and M HKA are now inviting contributions on how futures approaches are applied in the wild, including:

  • the diversity of approaches to futures and their theoretical bases
  • futures methods, projects, programmes and related images of the future from your practice
  • what artists and futurists make of the futures
  • practical futures perspectives in developing contexts, in business, policy and civil society

We are seeking classical paper presentations as well as other presentation formats such as performances, video documents, literary and poetic contributions, gaming sessions, playful interventions and more. We are also inviting suggestions and tips for topics and forms for the unconference day at M HKA.

The DDT programme includes standard conference formats of plenary presentations, panel discussions and break-out sessions that focus on the three methodological levels of futures engagement of the conference title at a Brussels University Association Campus as well as unconference activities, performances, training, guided tours and rooftop visioning at the M HKA’s open space in Antwerp.
We are interested in creating learning opportunities and direct experiences of collaborative and open-ended approaches to possible, probable, plausible and preferable futures. Building skills, activating capacities, finding inspiration, comparing notes, formulating new questions and sharing knowledge and insight, will be central to the conference activities. 

Please submit your proposals in a 300 word abstract here by 31 December 2016.

Provide your name, contact details, job description and affiliation. Include pictures or other documentation if appropriate. The working group will send your proposals to suitable expert readers and we will notify you of the selection of papers and other contributions by the end of January 2017.

If you have any questions or wish to learn more about DDT, get in touch with maya.van.leemput@ehb.be