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AF’s interdisciplinairy and cross-media practice has been in the making for over a decade.

Agence Future grew from an independent project by Bram Goots (photographer) and Maya van Leemput (futurist) that started in 01999. During the first years of the millennium, the two travelled in 25 countries, spread over five continents to conduct interviews with more than 300 people who shared their ideas, images and feelings about personal, local and global futures. It is now more than ten years ago the team was on the road with recumbent bicycles, carrying the required technology for recording and distributing their work, interviewing in ten European countries.

This young man in Brussels explains why we do it:

AF History - View magazine

For the original Agence Future project, Maya Van Leemput and Bram Goots held 382 conversations about the futures in more than 25 countries across five continents. The results of their initial search for images of the future were presented in an exhibition and several print articles. The international photography magazine View, published Bram's photo's with with a project description by Maya.


AF History - EFMN Brief 95

A formal description of the initial Agence Future project appeared as a European Foresight Monitoring Brief in 2006. Find some of the numbers and ideas in this document.


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