Picturetank is a co-operative photo agency and an international network of photographers and independent collectives. With an assembly of perspectives and identities Picturetank is an exceptional photographic source characterised by its broad diversity and the high quality of its artistic and editorial material.

Oiseaux Sans Tête

Oiseaux Sans Tête (OST) is a pluridisciplinairy visual arts collective. The collective is based in Brussels but its members are located in different cities in Belgium and France. The collective creates interventions in public space and participatory modes of creation.


The World Futures Studies Federation (WFSF) is an organisation of futurists active in academic institutions, governments, non-profit and private organisations. The world wide organisation exists since 1973. It was founded to provide a connection between forward looking experts and academics active on both sides of the iron curtain. Today the federation builds bridges between professionals from the Northern and Southern hemispheres, from Western and Eastern cultures, from democratic as well as non-democratic states.

Check out the photogallery on the WFSF's 21st World Conference in Bucharest, June 02013.


The arts centre Picha lies on the edge of the centre of Lubumbashi, the capital of the province of Katanga in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is a meeting place for a diverse band of artists. Picha accompanies these artists in the implementation of projects but is known mainly as the organizer of the Biennale of Photography in Lubumbashi since 02009.

EDS & Usahidizi

Etoile du Sud en Usahidizi are two organizations under one roof in the Belle Air neighbourhood of Lubumbashi. They share a common theme: social- and health rights. Water and waste management are the topics of direct actions conducted by members in five popular neighbourhoods of Lubumbashi. Etoile du Sud  has a main seat in Kinashasa and an antenna in Lubumbashi where Usahidizi provides young blood and volunteer work. The neighbourhood health committees of EDS involve the local population with sensibilisation campagnes that can save lives.

Village My'ntima

Village My'ntima promotes and supports youth in and around the University of Lubumbashi and has an explicitly forward looking stance. With an estimated 180 loosely affiliated members and a planning committee of about 10, the village centre, the gathering place, is a large bare tent with a barren football pitch next to it. The informal group organises social events (soccer matches at the city prison, concerts) and serves as a community support network.


YouBridge supports students and entrepreneurs around the world by giving them laptops and access to the world wide web. The Youbridge platform then enables the recipients and donors to connect directly and interact with each other. The organisation lets interested individuals and organisations send one or more new laptops to less developed countries. The idea is that when the targeted youngsters have access to information and get connected to the Youbridge social network, they get more engaged in their own education.


Het Universitair Centrum voor Ontwikkelingssamenwerking (UCOS) is a recognized NGO for development education that has been active for 20 years. Its target audience consists of Dutch speaking students, more specifically from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) and the University Association of Brussels (UAB). UCOS focuses on vision development in relation to sustainable and equitable development. The organisation offers accompanied familiariazation journeys and cultural exchange projects.


Kanyundu is a small NGO working on integral and integrated sustainable development with the population around the Upemba park. Biodiversity and the responsible management of flora and fauna, as well as the provision of modern infrastructure belong to the domain of the NGO. In the rural village Bunkeya, the organization runs a radio station with the local population, despite the local lack of an electricity network.


Housed in a converted grain silo and adjoining warehouse, the Antwerp Museum of Contemporary Art, M HKA presents its international collection - paintings, sculptures, photographs, films, videos, installations, objects, drawings, etc. in alternating exhibits on its top floors. The museum's groundfloor offers a temporary exhibition every season featuring contemporary Belgian and foreign artists.