MAONO : an exchange project for the exploration of futures

Three years in a row six artists from Lubumbashi together with 24-30 young adults (from Belgium and the Democratic Republic of the Congo) explore and create a variety of images of the future in a cultural exchange that takes place in the province of Katanga.

  • The young explorers use a Roadbook with 21 forward looking missions for practicing their anticipatory skills.

  • In the third week of the exchange they relate their findings, creations and experience to Lubumbashi based artists and creative professionals.

  • In a process of co-creation between the young adults and the artists new ‘images of the future’ take shape in a variety of media.

  • The resulting images and creations are are shared during exhibitions, seminars and for advocacy with closing events in Brussels (21-25 November 02014and Lumumbash will be held.

Maono is a participatory project, fostering a collection of grass-roots images of the futures. The methods used allow the young participants, the artists and the public (including local policy-makers and organisational actors) to engage with alternative futures for development and North South relations at the personal, local and global scale, including possible, probable and preferable futures. 

Maono is a project in collaboration with UCOS, Picha, EDS-Usahidizi, Kanyundu.  The majority of the budget is financed by the Flemish Agency for International Cooperation (Vlaams Agenschap Internationale Samenwerkeing-VAIS), with additional support from the Belgian Development Cooperation and the Brussels Capital Region.

Maono provides a pilot project for the World Futures Learning Lab (LEALA), a WFSF blended learning project in the UNESCO Participation Programme 2012-2013.

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