EDS & Usahidizi

Etoile du Sud en Usahidizi are two organizations under one roof in the Belle Air neighbourhood of Lubumbashi. They share a common theme: social- and health rights. Water and waste management are the topics of direct actions conducted by members in five popular neighbourhoods of Lubumbashi. Etoile du Sud  has a main seat in Kinashasa and an antenna in Lubumbashi where Usahidizi provides young blood and volunteer work. The neighbourhood health committees of EDS involve the local population with sensibilisation campagnes that can save lives.

Agence Future collaborates on Maono and LEALA with these two organisations. Each year they select and accompany 10 to 15 Maono participants from Lubumbashi, provide a location for workshops and meals and run the kitchen for Maono participants. Members of staff as well as activist members will participate in the LEALA workshops, starting to develop the skills and knowledge needed for guiding the organisations members as well as other residents of popular neighbourhoods towards futures oriented thinking and action.