MAONO 0201234 in the Inbox of M HKA

M HKA (Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp) reserves the Inbox on the fifth floor for surprising interventions and intimate pop-up presentations. The Inbox hosts MAONO from May 28th till June 29th in connection with the summer exhibition “The Welfare State”.

The frames, points of view, angles and horizons of fifteen Lubumbashi-based artists from 10 different disciplines, put possibilities for the future in perspective. The images of Amos Nkulu (9A), Alain Nsenga, Carole Maloba, Claus Sinzo Anzaa, Daddy Tshikaya, Daniel Sixte Kakinda, Eugénie Yuma, Georges Senga, Gody Ngosa, Jean Katambayi, Judith Kalenga, Pecho Kamunga Mwehu, Rita Mukebu , Sando Marteau en Stéphanie Ansia open up the terrain of the future.

The friends of the M HKA association is buying one of the amazing pieces created with MAONO for the museum's collection. Jean Katambayi created Trotation for MAONO 02013. This fictional machine’s function is to lift the inbalance between the two hemispheres of the planet. The artist imagines how because the earth spins around its axis (trotation) and revolves around the sun (translation), those that are close to the equator make a longer tour than people closer to the poles. By adding a third random giration (trotation) to the natural order of things, this imbalance, could be fixed. Jean exchanged with the young co-creators about the implications of his idea. Together, they made a list of actions and ideas that can make the third spin happen, or in other words, mend inequity. The artist has been invited to Antwerp, bringing Trotation to life in Europe, presents a special occasion for the artist.